Can you help us change advice for good?

Welcome to eba.


Can you help us change advice for good?

Welcome to eba.


Evidence-Based Advisers is a community of financial advisers across the UK who want to change investing and advice for the better.

By sharing our content, technology, processes and expertise, we help each other to serve our clients better and to build more profitable businesses.

  • Who we are

    We want to help financial advisers to deliver the best service they can for their clients, and demonstrate their value in an environment that is becoming more challenging.

    There is increasing scrutiny on the fees we charge for our services, as well as a growing amount of alternative options for those who want to invest their money. It’s no longer the case that someone with money to invest will go straight to an adviser, they will also consider online financial advice and portfolio management.

    Consequently, we now have to focus on how we communicate our value proposition. But activities like blogging and social media are extra tasks on top of an already packed schedule of client work. Particularly for smaller firms, there’s just no way you can do everything on your own, even if you wanted to.

    We’re here to take the strain so that you can get on with what you do best – looking after your clients.

  • Our mission

    We seek to effect broader change in our industry. It’s not right that some professionals have conflicts of interest, and recommend expensive products which bear no relation to their client’s goals. It’s not fair that an adviser should cost an investor money by using methods which aren’t backed up by evidence.

    So, we want to grow a network of evidence-based advisers. These are financial advisers who base their investment approach on peer-reviewed academic evidence, and act at all times in their clients’ best interests.

    It’s only by being transparent, using the evidence, and acting in the interest of our clients that we can prosper and build trust in our profession. Being part of the EBA network will help you to do just that, and serve as a mark of quality and trust in years to come.

Watch our documentary: Investing: The Evidence

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